Letter from the Poetry Editors

Dear Readers,

Emily Dickinson wrote “tell the truth/ but tell it slant.” The function of poetry has always been to explore and transform the world around us. Ultimately, poetry tells the truth of human experience from a myriad of perspectives in varied forms. Poets can tell the truth in ways that are not accessible to any other genre. Poets can experiment with time, the near and the far, and make great leaps with structure and line breaks. In many of my poetry writing classes at Enders Island, we talked about writing “a lie that tells the truth.” An effective poem will also transform the reader, and help her look at the world in a new way because it conveys the truth and shifts her frame of reference.

We are incredibly proud of the collected poems of truth in this issue of Mason’s Road. As you delve into the seven poems we have selected, you will begin to experience the world in new ways. Each poem addresses the idea of truth uniquely. “The Way” focuses on the truth of nature and the present moment. “Swings” encapsulates the experience of a summer afternoon baseball game. “Outside the Boulangerie” addresses the truths we experience in travel and how the senses can link to familial memories. “Anchorage 2 A.M.”  explores the experience of a late night bar exchange. “Kabir Says” explores the ideas of lies and truths in storytelling. “Fat Man In A Bathtub” explores the truth about how we view, experience, and celebrate the human body. We hope these poems will help you think about the ideas of truth and shift your perspectives about literature and life.

Happy Reading,

 Katie Eber & Kristin Rose

Poetry Editors

Katie Eber holds a B.A. in English Literature from Roanoke College and is a graduate of Fairfield University’s MFA program. Her poem “An Elegy” won the Charles C. Wise Poetry Contest while she was an undergraduate at Roanoke. Katie’s work has appeared in On Concept’s Edge, Hobo Pancakes, and is forthcoming in Garbanzo Literary Journal. In addition to her poetry, she was one of the founding editors of short-lived (but well loved) political satire blog Suburban Justice and has reviewed local and craft beer for Examiner Online. Katie enjoys good beer, good sandwiches, and advocating for widespread use of business hammocks. She resides in Yalesville, Connecticut or somewhere thereabouts.


Kristin Rose attended Stanford University and received a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing; she has a love of contemporary fiction and nineteenth century poetry. Kristin has worked in science publishing at Pearson Education, The New York Times Digital, and at the Hartford Courant and FoxCT. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and English Literature at Fairfield University and is Poetry Editor of Mason’s Road Literary Magazine. She has experience in freelance journalism, travel writing, and science writing.

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