FALL 2016 POETRY AWARD: Why We Picked “Edit”

While the competition amongst submissions for this contest was particularly tough, we are delighted to announce “Edit” by Emma Bolden as the winner of our Fall 2016 Poetry Contest. Emma Bolden is a profound poet with a visionary sense for the art form of writing in its truest sense. Her poem, “Edit”, earned First Place … Continue reading FALL 2016 POETRY AWARD: Why We Picked “Edit”

Am I in the Kool-Aid?

by ERIC MAYRHOFER, fiction reader I had to attend a new employee orientation recently. Having started almost nine months ago, though, I’m not new to the job. That would be like a pregnant lady with her big balloon belly and a whole nursery painted and furnished going to her partner, as if for the first time, and … Continue reading Am I in the Kool-Aid?

Summer 2016 Fiction Award: Why We Picked “Suddenly On Air”

  Today, we have the pleasure of announcing the winner of our first-ever fiction contest. For weeks our team of sparkling and voracious readers sorted through almost one hundred submissions. In the end, we selected "Suddenly on Air," by Edward Raso."Suddenly on Air" is a classic coming of age tale about a kid who starts work at the radio station … Continue reading Summer 2016 Fiction Award: Why We Picked “Suddenly On Air”

How Poetry Helps Prose Writers

by Muddy Kinzer  Karen Osborn is an award-winning novelist and writer of short stories. Booklist regards her writing as “…lyrical, focused, enchanting,” and Jodi Picoult admires how, “With grace and poetry, Osborn explores how the biggest emotions are sometimes found in the smallest seconds…” It’s true: “There was a small light over the phone booth, but … Continue reading How Poetry Helps Prose Writers

Why You Write

So, here you are. You have turned down invitations to parties and happy hours, because you cannot socialize when you have a character in your mind, her voice echoing like a message over a PA system in an empty hallway.