Avoiding Failure

By Sarah Blanchard The gun shop owners are busy with customers wanting gunsmith services and booking time on the rifle range. They don’t know there’s a troll in their midst. She’s the pudgy, silver-haired grandmother in Wrangler jeans, a buffalo-plaid sweatshirt, and well-worn leather barn boots, casually perusing a display of gun oils and cleaning … Continue reading Avoiding Failure

Meta, Cool, Setting

By Gregory Gonzalez Location is everything in the realm of craft writing. Put the main character on the top of a mountain, where they can swim through hidden lakes on its cratered mountain side and then talk to the wisest of sages amongst the tallest of pine trees, and they’re going to have a totally … Continue reading Meta, Cool, Setting

Hurricane Lolita: The Art of Sex In Fiction

By Emily McGowan In the summer of 1958, Hurricane Lolita made landfall in the USA. It was not an actual hurricane, but a best-selling novel—an erotic morality tale by Russian-American Vladimir Nabokov—and as critics took notice and controversy began to build, Lolita and its author were tossed into the perfect storm. “He writes highbrow pornography,” … Continue reading Hurricane Lolita: The Art of Sex In Fiction