Welcome to CausewayLit!

Welcome to Causeway Lit! We’re the digital component of Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, the literary magazine at Fairfield University. Causeway Lit is run by the graduate students of the same school, who lovingly call the program FUMFA.

The Fairfield University Masters in Fine Arts (FUMFA) students are an eclectic lot from all walks of life, some traditional and some not, bringing a passion for writing in all of its forms. We have poets and playwrights, novelists and memoirists, and an endless supply of Crane Lake wine to tempt the muses to our little island where we meet to celebrate our relentless love of words. Causeway Lit is our little contribution to the publishing world, and we’re excited to showcase works that inspire us.

1011955_10200354874057567_57185630_nFrom 2010 to 2015, Mason’s Road was the focal point for many graduate students. However, due to some unfortunate events, in July, 2015, Mason’s Road published its 11th and final issue, closing its doors to the literary world. For this reason, Causeway Lit holds a special place in the hearts of Fairfield University MFA students who attend the twice-a-year residency on Enders Island in Mystic, CT. It signals our continued contribution. Getting to Enders Island requires students to traverse a one-way causeway surrounded by the calm blue of the Long Island Sound. The causeway is symbolic: by crossing over, our writers agree to leave behind the everyday and enter into an area of seclusion and peace, where nothing but writing and deep consideration of our world is required of us.

Causeway Lit accepts craft essays year-round, and non-fiction, fiction and poetry four times a year. Our writing contests coincide with the seasons.
Please see our Submit page for our guidelines and requirements.

Causeway Lit is a wonderful, growing opportunity for writers, both young and seasoned. We hope you enjoy our bridge to something new.



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