Editorial Board


Marc Lee & Abby Angelo

Fiction Section Editor

Jennifer Russel

Non-Fiction Section Editor

Amber Duffus

Poetry Section Editor








Non-Fiction Section Editor: Jenn Mariano

Non-Fiction Readers: Meaghan Conlon, Wendy Reimann

Poetry Section Editor

Lauren Palmbach, Section Editor for Poetry

Lauren Eugenia Palmbach is a multi-genre writer with work in both fiction and non-fiction. She graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of New Haven and will graduate with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Fairfield University this summer.

In addition to her own writing career, she is the Section Editor in Poetry for Causeway Lit, a division of Dogwood Literary Journal, an independent contractor for book reviews with AUXmedia, a division of Aquarius Press, and a multi-cultural writing teacher. As the founder and creator of her own bi-lingual writing program for youth and adult survivors of violence, exploitation, and human trafficking, her writing career is dedicated to teaching voice and the power of words to those still largely unheard. She was most recently awarded the Fairfield Graduate Service Award 2017 for her work, and currently travels teaching her writing programs nationally and abroad as an instructor of both poetry and prose.

Poetry Readers: Yavaria Ryan, Kevin Sadoski

In Memory:

anthonyAnthony Perrotta joined the Fairfield University MFA program in July 2015. He had previously worked as a controller, actuary, equities trader, and financial adviser. He earned a B.S. degree in Finance from Fairfield Univesity (1985.)



5 thoughts on “Editorial Board

  1. chaosgatebook says:

    I have a question for fiction editor Loan Le. I submitted (via the Dogwood submittable site) “Tryst” to you in February. I was wondering if it’s still under consideration. Thanks –


  2. Duane Herrmann says:

    Submittable is not accepting documents in the form that have been accepted dozens or hundreds of times in the past. What can I do differently???


    • rachlbean1139 says:

      Hi, Daune! I apologize that you’re having problems! What sort of files are you submitting? Typically, PDF or .doc files are accepted!


  3. duanelherrmann says:

    Submittable is not accepting document types I have previously submitted dozens or hundreds of times. What can I do differently???


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