Letter from the Drama Editor – Issue 8

[easy-media med=”8437″ mark=”gallery-MiPmhj”]Dearest Readers,


With a myriad of technologies chirping at our desks, in our pockets, even interrupting our dreams, the business of our daily lives has grown to feel more and more like business itself – a transformation that’s made this era both one of the finest and least focused.

Now, here, today, it’s my pleasure to invite you to take a pause. Recline in your chair. Turn off the bells and whistles. Grant yourself a moment to fully engage. Allow the stories we’ve provided here to transform your space, your thoughts, maybe even your own story-telling instincts.

As the only visual medium showcased here at Mason’s Road, the drama genre presents certain challenges, particularly related to discovering inventive and organic ways to relay essential expository details for the viewer. In drama, that nagging writerly adage “show, don’t tell” rings truer than ever. Through the lens of our theme transformations, we also looked for fresh ways to present the honest evolution of a character. We hoped for a submission that avoided the clichéd epiphanies that so often manifest at about the same climactic story points, in about the same stale ways.

With this in mind, we’re absolutely delighted to present Peter Marino’s exceptionally engaging and funny play, Ralph Smith of Schenectady, New York’s Coming-Out-to-His-Wife Options.

And, as an added treat, you can learn a bit about what goes on “behind the dramatic curtain” as the playwright himself is featured in our interview section, as well.

In the spirit of our theme, cheers to an ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-enlightening reading and writing life rich with transformations!


All the best,

Abbey Cleland

Drama Editor

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