One Day in Trier

by Michael Sarnowski[easy-media med=”7984″ mark=”gallery-teTnJW”]
If you are handed a map of the oldest city in Germany
with only one day to explore, say nothing but yes.
Follow the stretch of gelato shops and retailers
to 2nd century Roman ruins, the blackened stones
of Porta Nigra. Or step inside Liebfrauenkirche,
note recurring sets of 12, a column for each apostle.
If a kind smile is given beneath blonde hair pulled back,
and the local girl it belongs to wants to see you
that night, give her the time and a place. She may sit
beside you at a bar where you’ll drink hard cider
from thick white mugs and remember how nice it is
to open up to someone and laugh as if the last year
was an elaborate joke, your life the unending punchline.
Translate slang into more common phrases. Listen close
when she teaches you new words, and points out the quirks
and flaws of the city, tucked in its statues and fountains.
Reassure her that her English is fantastic. Let her laughter
warm you. When the city is asleep, pass the amphitheater
and put your arms around each other while you walk
through the palace gardens. Find yourself in a top floor apartment
that overlooks the humming yellow lights of the railroad.
If she grabs your shirt like she’s holding defibrillator paddles
and brings you to life like the wild American voice
who sang the body electric, say nothing but yes.

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