Letter from the Fiction Editor

Dear Readers,

Stories open windows into the secret lives of others. When we read, we peer into the hearts of characters where we may recognize the reflections of our fears and desires. This is why point of view is such an important element of craft. It determines who tells us the story, what information we receive, and what gets filtered out. It shapes the lens through which we view a character’s world, and so shapes the identity of that character.

In the seventh issue of Masons Road, we are excited to share three exceptional pieces of fiction with you, all told from powerful points of view. A young woman deals with personal injury in unique ways in “The Remainder.” “Split,” written skillfully in second person, chronicles the stifled rage of a young woman who feels trapped in her life. A helpline volunteer navigates a delicate situation in “Helpline.”

Read on–dive into the lives of each of these characters and let them pull you into their anger, their fear, their grief, and their hope. Join them in their struggles to make sense of their worlds.

We hope you will love these stories as much as we do.


Hayley Battaglia
Fiction Editor

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