Letter from the Creative Nonfiction Co-Editors

Dear Readers,

Nonfiction stems from the self and branches into the mind of the reader. From the reflective to the closed off, nonfiction takes what is usually a personal narrative and makes a shared experience with the reader. In this issue, we focus on the theme of “time” and its effect on our stories about the human condition.

A nonfiction writer often asks the reader, “Do you remember the time when…?” The challenge of nonfiction is to encompass a personal story that translates into something as engaging to the reader as it is to the author. As writers, we have an obligation to remain true to our stories as well as our readers. How do we effectively approach transitions and timelines so that our stories are entertaining, but fully realized?

With the narratives for this issue, “The Physics of My Father,” “The Minotaur,” “Standing with Stones,” and “Running Out the Clock,” we are fortunate to have a rich variety of answers to this question. “The Physics of My Father” deals with the loss of a parent and how time generates a sense of acceptance and growth. “The Minotaur” parses a potentially tragic childhood experience with objective vignettes about trauma from a historical perspective. “Standing with Stones” offers a look at the precursor of a life-changing moment through the lens of self-reflection. And “Running Out the Clock” concerns the underlying question we must all ask when given a finite amount of time to live.

We are very proud to share these pieces with the audience of Mason’s Road. They incorporate the theme of time in creative ways and invoke experiences that we are confident will move readers intellectually and emotionally.


Colin Hosten + Zac Zander

Creative Nonfiction Co-Editors


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