Editorial Board – Issue #4

Editorial Board – Issue #4


Colin D. Halloran is an internationally published poet and photographer who puts his past as a soldier and a teacher to use in student and teacher workshops which use poetry to increase understanding of war and its effects. He recently completed Shortly Thereafter, a collection of poems exploring his own combat experience in Afghanistan and the change it created in his life.  The book was a finalist for the 2011 Fairfield University Book Prize. He hopes that sharing his own story through writing and lectures can help others heal as much as it has helped him to.  Like his work?  Make it official here.
Managing Editor 
Mark Berry has completed 2 novels and a memoir, and has co-written a children’s book – all which combine prose with music. He’s a regular contributor for Airways magazine, and also recently published in AOPA Flight TrainingTARPA Topics, and BMW Owners News magazines, Connecticut newspapers, and online in Write This and ERAU Eagles NEST, and is an Author’s Guild member.
Fiction Editors
Phil Lemos writes the blog Life in the Philloverse and has published 3 short stories — “Let It Go,” “BMW Supermodel”, and “Upset of the Century” in the past year. He is pursuing an MFA in Fiction at Fairfield University and is currently at work on a novel. You can follow him on Twitter.
  Stephanie Harper is a student in the Fairfield University MFA in Creative Writing program. She’s been an editor for the CU Honors Journal and has published work in The Montreal Review, Forever Buffs Insider, The Review Review, Poetry Quarterly, Midwest Literary Magazine, and Haiku Journal. She is working on a novel. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado.
Creative Nonfiction Editors
  Daisy Christina Abreu is co-editor of creative non-fiction for Mason’s Road. She is a first generation Cuban-American born and raised in western New York: New Jersey. She received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Hartford and is currently a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing at Fairfield University. Daisy lives in New Haven, Connecticut where she is the Deputy Director of the Town Green Special Services District and serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute Library and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Her essay “Back and Forth” will be published in the spring 2012 issue of Label Me Latina/o.
  Sarah Z. Sleeper is an award-winning non-fiction writer and editor. She is in Fairfield University’s MFA program and is at work on a collection of short stories.
Poetry Editor
 Linsey Jayne
Linsey Jayne is a bored twentysomething with a considerably unhealthy obsession with poetry and flash fiction alike. She is a candidate for an MFA in Poetry at Fairfield University who resides in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
Drama Editor
  Travis Baker’s plays have been produced in New York, Houston, LA and Maine.  Most recently, One Blue Tarp was read as part of the Northern Writes Reading Series and selected a semi-finalist for the Eugene O’Neill Playwrights Conference.  In 2010, Sex & Violence was staged Off-Broadway by Kaleidoscope Theatre Co. who had also produced God & Mr. Smith in 2002.  Dream of the Burning Boy was part of the Prime Time Reading Series at Primary Stages in 2009. In addition were The Weatherbox at Theatre Off Park in 1998 and Cold which was selected as Best of the Fringe for the inaugural NYC Fringe Fest and earned Mr. Baker a Berrilla Kerr Award for American Playwrights and an Edward F. Albee FellowshipMr. Baker attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of Houston, interned at the Signature Theatre Company and earned his B.A. at NYU.  He earned his M.A. in English at the University of Maine and continues to live in Orono with his wife, Holly and two growing boys, Zane and August.  He teaches English at the University of Maine while pursuing his MFA at Fairfield University.   He was the Editor of Theatrewarehouse.com and author of TWIT-This Week in Theatre for several years.   His prose has been published in the Stolen Island Review, Hawk and Handsaw, Puckerbrush Review, the Maine Edge and Pennsylvania English among others.
Audio Editor
Dennis Quinn Dennis Quinn’s on–air broadcast career spans five decades in New York City radio. As an on-air personality he has hosted programs in formats ranging from top 40 to Disco, AOR to Love Songs on WPIX-FM. In 1988 he segued to Smooth Jazz on CD 101.9. In 1970 he created “Rapline” which combined call-in Talk Radio with rock and pop music. Off-air he has produced numerous radio documentaries including, “Still Rolling,” an award-winning Rolling Stones audio documentary. Dennis has held administrative posts including program director, public service director, and production director, and has been an AFTRA shop steward for 25 years. Academically he was an adjunct professor at Fairfield University for 5 years, where he was the creator and executive producer of the school’s audio magazine, Buzz. In 2007 his course “Early Radio and the American Identity” was selected by Yale as part of its prestigious, Residential College Lecture Series. In the fall of 2008, Dennis became a full-time assistant professor at Hofstra University where he teaches various radio courses in the Radio, Television, and Film Department of the School of Communication. He is also a performance artist. With his group “Warp Spasm,” he performs stories in a genre-bending mix of radio drama, music, and spoken word.

Fiction Readers: Kathy Doornbosch, Chris Madden, Susan Daniels, Brooke Adams-Law, Joachim Civico, Kent Madden, Jillian Ross, Annette Gardner, Adam Newson, Lisa Kastner, Carolyn Brown, Sarah Sleeper, Beth Clary, A.J. O’Connell, Chris Telford, Rich Trueblood, Reuben Hayslett
Nonfiction Readers: Erin Corriveau, Ben Fine, Jenni Swan
Poetry Readers: Heidi St. Jean, Matthew Hamilton, Jeanne Delarm-Neri, Barbara Wanamaker, Zac Zander
Drama Reader: Jenni Swan
Craft Essay Readers: Carolyn Brown, Adele Annesi
Marketing Team: Mark Berry (Managing Editor), Colin D. Halloran (Editor-in-Chief), Erin Corriveau
Production Team: Mark Berry (Managing Editor), Colin D. Halloran (Editor-in-Chief), Lisa Calderone – Webmaster
Faculty Advisor
Ravi Shankar is Assistant Professor and Poet-in-Residence at Central Connecticut State University and the founding editor of the international online journal of the arts, Drunken Boat. His first book, Instrumentality, was published by Cherry Grove in May 2004 and named a finalist for the 2005 Connecticut Book Awards. His creative and critical work has previously appeared in such publications as The Paris Review, Poets & Writers, Time Out New York, Blackbird, Gulf Coast, The Massachusetts Review, Ambit, Catamaran and the AWP Writer’s Chronicle, among many others. Shankar has served as a commentator for NPR, appeared on KKUP and Wesleyan radio, and received fellowships from the MacDowell Colony and Atlantic Center for the Arts. He currently reviews poetry for the Contemporary Poetry Review and along with Tina Chang and Nathalie Handal, is editing an anthology of South Asian, East Asian, and Middle Eastern poetry, due out with W.W. Norton in Fall 2007.
Founding / Executive Editor
Lisa Calderone is the author of How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof (Bookhaven Press, 1997) and co-author with Paul & Sarah Edwards of The Entrepreneurial Parent (Putnam/Tarcher, 2002), which was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show the month it was released. She is a senior communications specialist with expertise in development writing, digital journalism, and web design, and is an MFA graduate who spearheaded the launch of Mason’s Road for her 3rd semester project at Fairfield University. She has written her memoir and enjoys experimenting with e-publishing ventures while living in the New Haven, Conn. area with her family.
  • Editorial Board – Issue #4

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