by Jonathan Aibel

     the saxophone croons
honey into green
trees I must taste
yes and tomatoes at the farmstands
intense as childhood juice
dribbles I want and I want
don’t stop to watch the river
low and gold I want
and I don’t light trickles
off the tops of the trees
into the sky.

Together with crickets
outside in dusky
shadow and shadow of a cat.

From the other room
a little sigh — we
must be quiet you.

Summertime_Aibel_Photo_lg-300x300Jonathan Aibel studied poetry with Lucie Brock-Broido, Cleopatra Mathis, and Kathryn Deputat. His work has been published by The Aurorean, and Round Magazine as well as the Rusty Truck and Vox Poetica websites. He lives in Concord, Massachusetts with his wife and son and works as a software engineer with an expertise in quality and automated testing.

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