A Conversation with Michael White on Voice/Persona

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Mason’s Road, a literary journal with an educational twist. As graduate students in Fairfield’s MFA in Creative Writing program, our hope is to bring you conversations with some of our favorite authors to get their take on the many tools of the writing craft.

Of course we thought we’d start off this feature with Michael White – the founder and director of our program, seasoned author of 7 novels and 45 short stories, and founding editor himself of 2 literary magazines (American Fiction and Dogwood). On an exceptionally warm and beautiful spring afternoon, Dennis Quinn, our Audio Editor and MFA candidate in the program’s third cohort, sat down with Michael to discuss the theme of our first issue – techniques of using Voice/Persona in fiction and other genres.

So kick up your feet (as Michael did during the interview) and have a listen. Feel free to continue the conversation below with your own thoughts and concerns about use of Voice/Persona in your readings and writings. Recommended novels, memoirs, stories, essays, and poems that push the boundaries of Voice/Persona are welcome too – just list them below and tell us why you did so. We’re listening too…!

Michael White Interview

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