Artist: Tinnetta Bell

A self taught artist with an aesthetic eye for photography, Tinnetta Bell holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology with a minor in Art from Rutgers University. She has been working as a professional artist for the past 10 years. Her love for photography was discovered by patrons of her art work during art shows and events.

A native of East Orange, New Jersey, Tinnetta has been drawing since early childhood. Her intricacies combined with her perfectionist flair have managed to catch the attention of some of the most esteemed artists and art collectors. Tinnetta’s art work is sold nationwide and can be seen in major galleries on the East Coast and in publications such as Ethnic Expressions. As an artist and a photographer, she combines both to capture the beauty and light in all of her subjects.

Tinnetta is honored to have her work owned by nationally acclaimed artists such as Alonzo Adams, who has taken her on as his protégé. Some patrons of Tinnetta’s work include Kay Gee (formerly of Naughty By Nature), Dedra Tate of Flavor Unit Records and Sheri Hugely (formerly of La Face Records).

We selected Tinetta’s work for this issue because of her ability to capture the “Persona” of her subjects in a timeless, soulful fashion.

You can enjoy her work here: Tinetta Bell’s Personas

2 thoughts on “Artist: Tinnetta Bell

  1. Robert Gibbons says:

    I saw Tinneta’s persona collection and the soft pencil immediately drew me in. Her use of black and white is simple but powerful. Most of her subjects were young African-American males and I think this important. In the urban centers like New York City, the black male still receives unfair treatment. But in her art she shatters that myth. She shows that the black male can be soft but masculine. He has his moment where he may be angry, but he uses his anger in a kingly manner. He uses his anger to nation build, for community development, and advocacy. He is talented and creative. Whether he realizes it. Whether he knows, he is an image maker. Many people wish they could be like him. It is in his style. His style is inherent in his very nature, his walk – his swagger. He may cry. He may do it in secret, but he must cry.

    Tinneta’s work reminded me of the time I would sit at home after school and dream. That life is not always about the rush. It is not the self gratification. In all this craziness we lose a sense of who we really are, sometimes not being able to recapture it.

    I think Tinneta is on to something here. It is a snap shot. It is a moment of living through the artist’s eye. I am sure the artist approves of this recommendation, when one can see a little of themselves in her art.

    -Robert Gibbons lives in New York City


  2. Sista2sista says:

    Robert Gibbons so eloquently captured the words to describe Tinnetta Bell’s work. The art is so powerful yet understated. Thanks for sharing your gift.

    Cols OH


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