Audio Interviews on Craft

Welcome to Mason’s Road, a literary journal with an educational twist. As graduate students in Fairfield’s MFA in Creative Writing program, our hope is to bring you conversations with our faculty and some of our favorite authors to get their take on the many tools of the writing craft.

For our focus on Issue #4, Image, we interviewed novelist Eugenia Kim, author of the award-winning book, The Calligrapher’s Daughter. Listen to her take on image, and how to apply this craft across genres.The Eugenia Kim Interview Eugenia Kim

For our focus on Issue #3 on Arc, we interviewed Ravi Shankar, acclaimed poet and founding editor of the online literary journal Drunken Boat. Listen to his take on arc, and the opportunity this element offers to our literary art.

The Ravi Shankar Interview
For the focus of our second issue on Settings, we interviewed Da Chen, best-selling memoirist, novelist, and famed Enders Island flute player. Listen to his take on Settings and selected readings from his work, and then be transported to another place and time at the end of the interview by his flute-playing.The Da Chen Interview
Interested in Voice/Persona from our first issue? Listen to Michael C. White – the founder and director of Fairfield’s MFA program, and seasoned author of 7 novels and 45 short stories – as he kicked up his feet in his Fairfield University office on an exceptionally warm spring afternoon in 2010 to discuss techniques of using Voice/Persona in fiction and other genres.The Michael White Audio Interview

Feel free to share your responses to these interviews below. We’d love to hear your take on Settings and Voice, and how you apply these elements of the writing craft to your readings and writings. Recommended novels, memoirs, stories, essays, and poems that push the boundaries of Settings and Voice are welcome too – just list them below and tell us why you did so. We’re listening too…!

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