Second Honeymoon

by Mike Belanger

Your empty smile
Half full of crooked teeth
Your kind eyes
And your pear shaped face
Ripened with ageYou must have been caught off guard
On some special occasion
Or maybe you were victim
To one of us playing photographer
But there you were
Smiling awkwardly at the camera
Caught by surprise
Just like I was when I came home
And found your breathless body in my old room
Now I have transposed your face in the picture
Onto your body in those last laborious days
When your breathing had ceased to be a gentle breeze
And had become a hurricane of phlegm and blood

I like to think of you there
Caught by surprise
As death took hold of your hand
And opened your eyes to the world that lay ahead –
A small lady cooking in the kitchen
Inviting you to dinner
In the perpetually unfolding past
As we wished you well on your second honeymoon.


Author Bio
Mike Belanger is currently pursuing his MA in American Studies from Fairfield University. More >

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