by Annika Becker

y body floats up to rest on the surface. I am weightless. My eyes open and I see white. Could this be heaven?My lungs fill with air.

I blink and discover colors. I blink and the colors become heavy with mass. The mass takes on a shape. The shape swells before me as my body is involuntarily carried to a new perspective and returned. Each shape defines itself against the others, creating clear lines that contain each color. My brain begins to recognize each color and identify each shape. My memory is called upon to clarify what my eyes see.

I drop my arm and shove. My body spins me away from the shore.

My feet rise up. I follow them, draping over the swell as it removes me from its path. It comes again. My feet go up and over my head. The wave has sucked me back in.


Author Bio
Annika Becker is wrapping up her BA in English at Hollins University. She plans to study literature with a historical perspective in grad school. If her nose is not in a book then she is probably fencing.

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