Letter from the Creative Non-Fiction Editors

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Creative Non-Fiction section of Mason’s Road.

This second issue of Mason’s Road brings us settings as tangible and everyday as the space “Under the Table” or as conceptual as “Fallow Fields.” We zoom in on the space of the captions below photographs, peruse letters written but left unsent, stand at a specific spot and turn our gaze toward an indelible memory.

What all the pieces in this section share is meaningful attention to the evocative specifics of setting — a place or a moment when something happens (or does not happen).

The theme of this second edition is fitting, we think, for a literary journal named for a singular place and inspired by a specific time — the earliest residencies of Fairfield University’s MFA in Creative Writing on Enders Island at the end of Mason’s Road. A particular magic takes place there: writers come together to share the sometimes joyful, sometimes arduous journey of the work of our craft.

Another particular kind of magic occurred during the process of gathering the pieces that appear here. Some were obviously “right” — full of images designed to ground the reader immediately and exactly. Others insisted, from the first line to the last, that we stand still and pay complete attention. Still other pieces lodged in our minds with an elusive “something” that drew us back to them again and then again.

We hope that you find these five pieces as compelling as we did.


Elizabeth Hilts & Ioanna Opidee
Creative Non-Fiction Co-Editors

One thought on “Letter from the Creative Non-Fiction Editors

  1. Ashley Nichols says:

    Dear Editor,

    I must give props to Laurence Ross, the author of “Dear Lauren.” This piece is beautiful, very informative and descriptive. I think the author wants to say more, and as I’m reading this, I wish he would have, but see the reasons not to, in order for the piece to continue to flow in the same aspect. I think this piece is also very symbolic, and that the author is describing some of Lauren’s actions that he finds annoying and unpleasant, but I think he is preparing himself for these actions to disappear along with her, and I can sense that he had not realized that he might miss many things about Lauren, including the negative things that he once did not like. This piece touches on problems in relationships, and how empty a house and we we can feel ourselves when that relationship falls apart. This piece is very emotional, very symbolic and is sad but sweet. I like this piece and the author’s style of conveying his house and relationship that is disappearing with time.


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