Letter from the Poetry Editors – Issue 11

Dear Readers,

In his keynote address at The Sixth Annual Writer’s Symposium by the Sea (2001), Ray Bradbury said, “Anything you love, you do it. It’s got to be with a great sense of fun. Writing is not a serious business. It’s a joy and a celebration. You should be having fun with it.” Though the editorial staff at Mason’s Road certainly takes writing seriously, the chosen theme of Joy for this issue was an invitation to writers and readers alike to explore an often overlooked aspect of our lives. The result was a fabulous influx of uplifting, fun and fabulously well-written collection of contributions. Indeed it was a joy to read contemporary voices share their interpretation of the theme.

We are proud to present these collected points view regarding what Joy means to these nine authors. From the breaking of spring after a long, cold winter to the overlooked joys of having one’s needs met on a day-to-day basis. The joy of being able to sleep or dance or recognize the beauty of a musical instrument. The joy of marriage, the joy of nature – all capture an aspect of life that can and should be celebrated. We hope that you enjoy these works of art as much as we did and that you will consider submitting your own work in the future.

Happy Reading,

Ann Lardas and Kristan Campbell

Poetry Editors

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