The Protection of Words

by Charlene Langfur

Suppose this is true that words protect us like saints do or potlatch, lucky charms, forces from the 5th dimension, the President’s bodyguards holding a world together, language full of long vowels from Old English, words to describe white sand in Utah, words to explain everything we have to say to each other even for no reason at all, especially to describe key events in dreams, archetypes, whatever’s right even when nothing is what it seems, cold facts, predictions that are true, DNA and its array, cells from the heart and the head spread out against a universe of science, words we take to bed, words regenerating like cells do, words keeping us on the straight and narrow, word vitamins for growth, groups of them, minerals, and the three gems of Buddhism, compassion, generosity and causation, every minute, in our lives words for money, anything sunny, a lyric and a beat, beat, beat, radio waves emitted by the head.Words hold center. Hold true when doubt’s all about. Write it down. Anything can be made truer if described right with a few goods words. I think so. A journal of pain, for example, works, remembrance, words in the night, old memories written down, buried in the ground later, biodegradable words on paper, days coming and going, words running side by side with dreams. Things are not what they seem. The actual words and the dreamt ones different.

Mantles. Words. Handles of the necessary. Loneliness in the morning, little money and still the word for grace runs through the head – words that bring a body back, love, blessing, one more time. I write it down. Tomorrow a solution will be too good to be true. The protection of words.


Author Bio
Charlene Langfur is an organic gardener, a rescued dog lover, a college teacher, an S.U. Graduate Writing Fellow. More >

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