Her Heart Was On Fire My Heart Was On Fire

by George Wallace

Her heart was on fire my heart
was on fire we lit up like two
trees a forest fire of hearts
we were a sunset in the sad
beautiful emptiness of night
we were GODS chasing god’s
horizon empires and empresses
it was our destiny our summer
our enchantment our uncharted
waters night rippled it was the
perfect wave o our perfect love
we blotted out the sun i mean
the audacity of it or was that the
moon nothing got to us no dark
ness no fear no bump in the night
could stop us what’s the problem
honey what’s wrong with that? we
loved and we admired each other
who would wish to stop two people
who could love as hard as that and
boy we could love – we loved each
other as we would be loved ourselves
as we would be loved – naturally –
and we swayed with the trees we loved
with the animals the frogs flies and the
mosquitoes the farms and cottages
zipped by our window we played a music
we didn’t even pretend to understand
a million miles an hour and it wasn’t fast
enough we were lost in the deep blue
impossible sleep of american mist two
fools traveling in a dream fools we were
good as america ought to be happy as
shit roaming with the buffalo no particular
direction home new orleans saint louis
flagstaff it was all an illusion so was
new york all so acceptable all so nice
o how perfectly we fit the image and
the generalizations – the generation
came and went like the indians it was
enough for us we were happy in our
time we were in love and that was all
two spoons locked in a terrible embrace
stupid as a train wreck we were ok with
that like sex like booze like a deck of cards
about to come tumbling down the whole
damn golden eternity of it – who knew
who cared – morning came around way
too soon – reality too


Author Bio
George Wallace is author of 19 chapbooks of poetry published in the U.S., U.K., and Italy, including most recently Poppin Johnny (Three Rooms Press, 2009). More >

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