“Brown Hair, Gray-Blue Eyes” by Jay J. Dermer, 2020 Poetry Spring/Summer Contest Winner


It’s bedtime so we’re embracing our new roles:
she’s watching the baby monitor and listening
to an Audible, I’m reading a paperback and
thinking, thinking
so much I need to turn the paper back
and forth and back and forth
like the rocking I just did for the little star
on the little screen atop the little table
next to an oversized bed in an average sized
home, home
to the most exceptional person I know.
Next to me her breathing steadies, her
day is only paused to play on
in life’s one chorusless track
and why my life’s melody is danced to.
She: the lighthouse to my somber ship
and the calm to my sailing seas.


She’s the best line of my unwritten poem.
           She’s the verse needing no word.

                      She’s the metaphor that isn’t.

dance, dance
along the thread
and she tells me don’t
look down.
Just follow her as I listen to keep up.
The eagerness of my scared soles
follows her heels, forgetting the withered
string behind. Forward—
behind her and I’m carrying our image
in my arms and the thread seems
thinner and my legs seem heavier
and just when my lungs hunger for yesterday

my eyes see her
clearing us into tomorrow

and I trust, trust.



Jay J. Dermer graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He went on to law school and practices in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where he lives with his wife and newborn daughter. He just started writing again after a ten year hiatus and attributes the birth of his daughter for sparking that flame. He is now stoking the fresh fire of a re-emerging poet.






Featured image by Steve Johnson from Pexels

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