Poetry Spring 2017, Honorable Mention: “On Your Wedding Day” by Stephen Barichko

On Your Wedding Day
a toast
.     when i was seventeen i still lived or perished by the promise
.     so when you twined my ring finger knotted it tight and said this means
 .    we’re married now I believed you because that day in the morning
.     down in the brook we sloshed up to our knees in cold then dampened
      our steps as we neared the resting trout your hands swirling the wet
river dust
.     part of the spell to calm the slow gulping column of muscle sleeping
in the dirt
.     that let you raise it to the world of no suspension while it held its breath 
.     and you placed my hand along yours along the body and stilled me 
.     and taught me that pulses and heartbeats could be felt if you dimmed all
.     else to the singularity in front of you
Stephen Barichko is a writer from Terryville, CT. He lives on his farm in Terryville with his wife.

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