2017 Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention: “The ONE” by Claire Scott

We’re excited to announce “The ONE” by Claire Scott as an Honorable Mention in our 2017 Poetry Contest. A special thank you to our poetry staff for their hard work this season! 




a different woman to marry he’d met 
a hazed gauze of gin or bourbon or both
at Sam’s or was it Saul’s or Whiskey Thieves
last night last week last month
just knew god-dammit he knew
she was the One
critical tell Marci urgent at once must
he must end of the line finita la commedia or is it tragedia
no more nagging carping dirty dishes
or drifting home past two am
because here she is
the very One right next to him right now
head spinning perfume heart stopping
Gilbeys whirling with Wild Turkey
in a wavering two-three stumble
so smart discussing entropy & black holes
while he looked down her shirt
fractals & force fields
his hand on her thigh
she was from Scarsdale Sacramento Scranton
spines making music caduceus or is it cadacious
he left Marci so sorry a message
a dead road dead ended road block no going back
staggered to the men’s
spiffed up a bit, hair pushed off blurred face
finally on track he was sprinting
around spinning spiraling around
a straight shot to paradise


her stool empty  
the One poof! abracadabra
only a faint waft of Guerlain
an untouched glass
home lurched crash landed
into a house full of echoes
keys on kitchen table
clothes cut into neat squares


Claire Scott is an award winning poet who has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize. Her work has been accepted by the Atlanta Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Enzagam and Healing Muse among others. Claire is the author of Waiting to be Called and the co-author of Unfolding in Light: A Sisters’ Journey in Photography and Poetry.

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