Poetry Fall 2016: Third Place Winner, “walking with an alter ego” by Nikoletta Nousiopoulos

We had an enormous number of excellent submissions for our Fall Poetry 2016 Contest, and we’re excited to announce that we have two third place winners. “walking with an alter ego”  by Nikoletta Nousiopoulos is one of our amazing winners, and we hope you enjoy it! 
walking with an alter ego 


We meet at the crossroads of barbed wirings 
where golden toads echo inside of me. 


Transformed in our woods: we saw misshapen 
eyes of butterflies blinking in the leaves. 


Hair tangled in branches, our footprints 
scatter the birch of earth like wild birds. 


At moon-time, it’s tumults and somersaults; 
We count dead faces and stars explode.


Nikoletta Nousiopoulos published “all the dead goats” in 2010 with Little Red Tree Publishing. Some of her poetry has appeared in Driftwood, Pioneertown Literary Journal, Thin Noon, Meadowland Review, Connecticut River Review, and others. She works as an adjunct professor of writing at Mitchell College, Three Rivers Community College, and Johnson & Wales University.

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