“Marriage Backwaters (A Love Story)” by Shelley Wood

Shelley Wood is the winner of our Winter 2016-2017 Non-Fiction contest.  We had traveled to South India to explore the famous Kerala backwaters, but we figured while in Kochi, we may as well visit Mattancherry Palace with its mural of Lord Krishna playing the flute while pleasuring eight milkmaids at once: six with six hands … Continue reading “Marriage Backwaters (A Love Story)” by Shelley Wood

“Probed” by Ellyn Gelman

"Probed" by Ellyn Gelman is the second place winner of our Fall Non-Fiction Contest. I hit the snooze button on top of the digital clock. 6:30 AM. My husband, Dan, reached around my belly and pulled me up against him and we spooned in silence until the snooze alarm sounded. Married for ten years, together … Continue reading “Probed” by Ellyn Gelman